Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As I’m sure most of you are aware, AGC/ST Randy Shell  underwent surgery in April following ongoing treatment with colon  cancer. I am very pleased to report that Brother Shell’s surgery was a  success and his recovery process is going well. Please continue to  keep Randy and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he continues
to improve. On another note, I am saddened to report that AGC David  Starkjohann and his wife Teri were involved in a serious motorcycle  accident on June 27th. Brother Starkjohann was rushed to the hospital
with a fractured skull, broken arm, broken shoulder, nine broken ribs,  and a punctured lung. He was placed in an induced coma and remained  in ICU for two weeks. Dave’s wife Teri was also taken to the hospital  with a broken pelvis of which she underwent surgery. I am pleased to  report that Teri was released from the hospital and is home recovering.  Dave is also doing quite well with physical therapy and is scheduled to  be released from the hospital with follow up out-patient therapy. Please  continue to keep Dave and Teri in your thoughts and prayers. I would like  to thank all of you who offered your assistance to the System Council  during this time of misfortune.

As noted in my first quarter report, I appointed Brother Tom  Modica of Local 807 and Brother Alex Avila of Local 1911 to fill recent  vacancies of the System Council Executive Board. By subsequent  referendum vote, the System Council Executive Board unanimously  approved the foregoing appointments. We therefore look forward to
working with Brother’s Tom and Alex.

On May 27, 2015, IBEW President Edwin Hill announced his  retirement effective June 1, 2015. President Hill served the IBEW for  many years in several capacities, of which he became President in  2001. The International Executive Council recently approved the  appointment of Sixth-District International Vice President Lonnie
Stephenson as the next IBEW President. We wish to thank President  Hill for his many years of service and leadership to the IBEW. We also  congratulate and welcome Brother Stephenson with his recent  appointment to serve as our new International President.

National Freight Railroad negotiations were held the week of  June 10, 2015. As was pointed out in IBEW Rail Director Bill Bohne’s  previous correspondence, our coalition reviewed proposed money- saving enhancements to our Health and Welfare plan that were  investigated by a joint subcommittee of management and labor  negotiating team members. Following lengthy discussions regarding  such proposals, the meeting was adjourned with plans to meet again  during the last week of July in order to discuss financial issues, such as  wages and Health and Welfare costs. I will continue to keep you advised  with any updates as they become available to this office.

I was recently notified that Union Pacific and GE have entered into  agreements to transition management of the South Morrill, Denver  Burnham, and parts of the North Platte locomotive facilities from GE to UPRR management. The transition will occur over several months while  UPRR hires and/or promotes to form new management teams for the  above locations.

April 2015

*   During the week of April 1st, VGC Tortorice and AGC Reynoso assisted Houston Local 1814 with a disciplinary investigation.

*  On April 14th, VGC Tortorice and AGC Reynoso assisted Houston Local 1814 with a second disciplinary investigation.

*  On April 15th, myself and IAM General Chairman Jim Davis  attended a meeting with UPRR Labor Relations and Mechanical department personnel to discuss a notice relating to the use of subcontractors to perform various locomotive PTC installation  work. Subsequently, this office officially notified the Carrier that we  are opposed to the use contractors and will pursue further action should they proceed.

*  On the date of April 16th, I attended a Union Pacific business update meeting for all UPRR General Chairmen.

*  During the week of April 21st, VGC Tortorice, AGC Shell, AGC Starkjohann and I attended a UPRR all-craft Mechanical  Department meeting together with the various local craft chairmen.
May 2015

*  On the date of May 12th, AGC Starkjohann assisted North Platte Local 1920 with a disciplinary investigation at the South Morrill, Nebraska facility.

*  On the date of May 13th, VGC Tortorice and I, together with IAM General Chairmen, attended a meeting with UPRR Labor Relations to discuss current LEMT/LMMT agreements,  amendments and side letters. No changes to the agreement have been made.

*  During the week of May 12th, AGC Starkjohann visited the    Cheyenne, Wyoming facility and met with members and officers of   Local 775.

                                                June 2015

      *  On the date of June 2nd, AGC Reynoso and I assisted Houston Local 1814 with a disciplinary investigation.

      *  During the week of June 2nd, AGc Reynoso and I toured the  Houston locomotive facility and met with the Shop Director and     officers of Local 1814.

      *  During the week of June 9th, I attended National Freight Railroad negotiations.

      *  During the week of June 23rd, AGc Starkjohan attended the IBEW  Eleventh District Progress meeting.  

      *  On June 24th, I finalized an agreement with UPRR regarding electronic correspondence relating to disciplinary proceedings. (attached)

      *  On June 25th, I met with AGC/ST Shell to review the System Council financial reports.

      *  During the week of June 29th, I met with UPRR Labor Relations to review possible consolidation and update of the various Engineering Department agreements.,

      During the second quarter, the System Council staff has continued to process a growing number of disputes up to and including docket for final adjudication.  However, at this point the National Mediation Board  (NMB) has been extremely slow at funding and approving dates for  arbitration.  We currently have several dockets consisting of numerous  cases each awaiting final approval and funding by the NMB.  I will  continue to keep thos local unions and claimants informed as we are  notified accordingly.

      Please find the following attachments for your review and  dissemination:

    1.  Agreement between System Council 2 and UPRR – “Electronic Correspondence-2015” dated June 24, 2015.

     2.  AFL-CIO Memorandum regarding “National Day of Action – Medicare 2015

     3. RRB informational conference 2015.

     With best wishes, I remain

     Fraternally yours,

    Jim Wisniski
General Chairman

cc: IVP’s System Council No. 2
Bill Bohne, Director of Railroads